Hell’s Gate Bridge


Photo from Serpents of Bienville

What is Hell’s Gate Bridge?

Hell Gate Bridge is a local legend from Oxford, Alabama. The legend started in the 1950’s when a young couple’s car drove off the bridge and landed in the water below it. The legend is that if you drive on the bridge, stop in the middle of it, and turn off your lights, one member of the couple that died will appear in your vehicle and leave a wet spot on your seat.

The name “Hell Gate” came from the belief that if you stop on the bridge and look behind you, you will see the “fiery gates of Hell.” Many locals of Oxford have experienced this over the years. (Only In Your State)

In 2005, the bridge was closed officially because of a new road created in the area. (Oxford Paranormal Society) Local officials have started using cement blocks to stop people from entering the bridge. It is old and falling apart so they don’t even recommend that people walk across it. (Only In Your State)


Photo from Only In Your State

Sightings and Encounters

In 2007, a group called the Oxford Paranormal Society investigated the bridge but found no proof of paranormal activity. It sounds like they just had a minor run in with some kind of animal on the bridge. Once they tried to follow it, it dived off the bridge. They weren’t really sure what it was. Even though they never found any physical evidence of the bridge being haunting they are still intrigued by it. (Oxford Paranormal Society)

People still have strange encounters with and around the bridge. A commenter by the name of MercyMe on Real Haunts, said she has been to the bridge many times. She used to know someone who lived right by it. She said the road that leads to the bridge is called Boiling Springs Road, if you are ever in Oxford and want to check it out. She said she never had a problem with the bridge but it always scared her. She said the surrounding area also gave her a creepy vibe. She said when she was about 8 years old, she was playing in the area by the bridge and saw a strange looking creature in one of the buildings nearby.

Another commenter by the name of Lyly said she had an experience on the bridge almost identical to the common legend. She said she was going across the bridge with some friends. She said she already had goosebumps because it was raining and there was fog creeping up the bridge. Then she said she looked in the rear-view mirror and she could have sworn she saw an extra person in the back seat.

“It was a male, obviously dead and in a serious state of decay – and yes he was soaking wet – I screamed, gunned the engine and proceeded to freak out. I never drove over that bridge again, day or night for any reason whatsoever.” – Lyly from Real Haunts

Supposedly tons of people have had experiences like this on the bridge. Whether their minds were playing tricks on them because of their fear from hearing about the legend or if there was some truth to what they saw, I’ll leave that for you to decide.


Photo from Geek Alabama



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