Ghost Stories: Part One


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One very well-known supernatural topic are ghosts. They are considered beyond our world but still can manage to contact us. There are many stories about ghosts. They have influenced television, books, music, etc. They are a very popular topic. Since there are so many ghost stories and ghost experiences people have had, it wouldn’t be fair to choose just one. I will be sharing many ghost stories on this blog. The one I am going to share with you today will make the hair on your arms stand up and give you goosebumps. This particular story is called, “The Whispers.”

The Whispers

“This is a story I do not often tell. I promise, sincerely, that this has scarred me for life and although I have looked into psychological explanations for what I heard and natural explanations for what occurred, they remain unsatisfactory.” – Huffington Post

The narrator starts out with saying that he was always afraid of the dark. He said when he was a child he could hear voices coming from the dark. He told his mom that he could hear whispers. She just assued that is was normal kid stuff because a lot of kids have a fear of the dark. The narrator said he tried to convince his mom by explaining that he could even tell the difference between the voices– that he could hear multiple people whispering. She still didn’t really take it seriously.

He said these whispers caused him to sleep in his mom’s room a lot of the time. He also said that the bathroom was right next to his mother’s room so this made it easier for him to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. There house was set up so the stairs to their living room was directly across the hall from their upstairs bathroom. So everytime he went to the bathroom he could look directly down the stairs.

One night, close to Christmas, the narrator said he woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee. Once he was out in the hallway, he remembers hearing a voice say, “Look!” When he looked down the stairs he could see a bright red light. Being about 7 years old, his first thought was that it was Santa Claus.

The narrator said he started running down the stairs, after the light because he saw it travel into his kitchen. After he made it down a few step, he heard a voice. The voice said, “Stop right now! Go back up those stairs,” which was followed by a very large crash. Frightened, he said he ran back up the stairs and straight to his mother’s room to go back to bed.

When he woke up the next morning, his family noticed that a string of Christmas lights that had been attached to the railing had been yanked down to the bottom of the stairs. He said some of them were broken so they knew that it couldn’t have just slid down. He also said the dry sink on their wall downstairs appeared to have fallen from the wall.

The narrator said his father worried that their home had broken into. His mom didn’t understand how it could have happened. They figured out nothing was stolen so they didn’t quite understand and I don’t think they ever will. The narrator said he saw three indentations on the edge of the wooden dry sink that was on the floor, almost like someone had yanked it down. He said he never told them, he kept quiet because he was so afraid.

He said he believes something was in his house and had torn those things down. He hasn’t heard a single voice since that night. He said he almost wishes he could thank whoever spoke to him that night because he believes they were genuinely looking out for his well being. Even though he was 7 then and is 20 now, he says the dark still scares him. (Huffington Post)

Why don’t you check your arm now? Can you feel goosebumps?

If you want to read some more chilling ghost stories, the Huffington Post lists some more on their blog. Check it out:

“12 Terrifying Ghost Stories You Shouldn’t Read Alone”



Huffington Post



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