Ghost Stories: Part Two


Photo from Amazing Stories

Like I said in Ghosts Stories: Part One, ghosts are a very popular supernatural topic. Many people claim they have had experiences with ghosts. I’m sure many people have had weird experiences before. For example, they have felt like someone was watching them or they have heard a noise at night that they aren’t sure of the source. There isn’t a lot of ways to know for sure if this is just your mind playing tricks on you or if it is something from the other side.

I have a story about a college girl and her roommate who had experienced some strange things in the house they moved into their sophomore year. I think a lot of people experience different things when they move into a new place because they aren’t use to the structure of it. For example, maybe the pipes are a little louder than what they are used to or the floors creak a little more than they would expect. Not just college students can relate to this, though. I’m sure the majority of people have moved to a different home at least once in their life. But whether these experiences are normal or paranormal, I’ll let you decide for yourself.

The girl said she moved into a house her second year going to college. She had one other roommate too. After they had gotten all settled in they wanted to get to know some of the people in their area. They talked with one of their elderly neighbors who said she had lived there for a long time. Their neighbor told them that she couldn’t remember anyone living in their rental house for more than two years. She said even in situations where families were living there, not just students. (They thought this was really strange.)

The college girl said their experiences started in the kitchen area. She said she would be doing the dishes at the sink and see someone come in through the corner of her eye. She said she would even hear footsteps but when she turned around to look, nobody was there.

Not long after that, the experiences started to spread in other rooms of the house. She said once her and her roommate were sitting in the living room and her roommate had set her iPod down on the coffee table. When she went to pick it up, it was gone. She said they looked everywhere for it. They took apart the room to find it but it had just disappeared. Then she said about a month later it reappeared right on the sofa.

The experiences didn’t just spread to the living room but upstairs too. She said her roommate kept feeling like a cat would jump on her bed when she was going to sleep. She could feel a weighted object put pressure on her bed. She also thought it sounded like a cat was walking around her room at night but they never had a cat.

One of the worst things they experienced actually happened to a friend they had over at their house. Her friend was walking down the stairs when she fell. She only fell down a few but it was still enough to scare her. Their friend said that it felt like someone had pushed her and that was the reason she fell.

She said the creepiest thing she ever experienced was when she had woken up and found that her bedside table was pushed about two feet away from it’s original spot. She said she went downstairs where she found her roommate. The first thing her roommate asked her was,

“Did you hear the footsteps last night?”

Her roommate also told her that after she heard her go to bed that previous night she had heard footsteps. She said it was probably close to an hour after she had gone to bed. She heard the footsteps go upstairs and into her room. She never heard anyone leave her room. The college girl and her roommate were the only ones home that night. (Cosmopolitan)

People experience these kinds of things all of the time. It could just be creaky floors or the wind. There could be very logical explanations. I’ll let you decide what to think but either way the story gives me chills. How about you?

If you think your house could be haunted, here’s an article by Reader’s Digest that can help you figure it out: Reader’s Digest

Here’s a video by Youtube channel, Better Mankind that shows you the most haunted homes in the United States: Better Mankind



Catriona Harvey-Jenner

October, 2017





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