Ghost Stories: Part 3


Photo from Find A Grave

This week I have a story that probably hits a little closer to home for some. This story is about a specific place, a place in Minnesota to be exact. I have even driven by it before, not even knowing that it was there. This particular place is the “Maple Hill Cemetery,” in Grand Marais.

A graduate student went on vacation in Grand Marais and was looking for some fun things to do. They searched haunted places in the area out of curiosity and found the cemetery was mentioned on multiple websites. They decided they were going to go see it. The cemetery itself is about 2-3 miles up the Gunflint Trail.

Once they reached the destination they got out of their car.  The first thing they said they noticed was that the air appeared to feel heavier where they were compared to the other places they had been to that day. Even though this seemed odd, the grad student continued to explore the cemetery. They also noticed that it was an extremely quiet place. They said they had a strong feeling that they were being watched.

After about ten minutes of walking they reached the entrance of an old church that was in the cemetery. The grad student asked aloud, “is anyone there?” After they asked this question, they said they felt something brush the back of their neck. When they turned around to see what it was, they saw nothing, no one was there.

When they continued to walk closer to the church, they started to get colder. They said it was almost like the temperature had dropped 20 degrees in ten seconds.

“As this was happening, I had a feeling of paralysis come over me; not so much in the sense that I couldn’t move any part of my body, but rather that I was afraid to move.” – Your Ghost Stories

They said the feeling of being watched kept growing stronger so they started to feel more afraid. Their mind seemed to become clouded, which is when the grad  student said aloud, “Let me go.” That is when they said everything stopped. They didn’t feel the same strange sensations anymore. They turned around and headed straight for their car.

“I made the decision to leave, when I saw what I can only describe as a grey, translucent mist-like figure darting between the trees in the western tree line of the cemetery.” – Your Ghost Stories

They said at first they assumed it was just fog until they saw the figure weave through the trees, then move along the cemetary border until it disappeared. They said they couldn’t really make out much of the foggy figure except that it was about six feet tall and glided along the ground.

Naturally, the graduate did some research after what they experienced. They can’t really explain much about the event, it seems to be mostly a mystery. They said they believe they could have possibly been possessed but obviously there’s no way to prove that. (Your Ghosts Stories)

I’ve had a weird personal experience in a cemetary before. I’m not saying it was anything supernatural but it’s not really something I can personally explain. There is an old cemetery off of a highway near my hometown. It is pretty rundown and I don’t think a lot of people go there so it is kind of a hotspot for teenage mischief. A few years ago I went there with some friends. We spent about fifteen minutes looking around. We were all really creeped out because it was getting close to becoming dark out and about half of us didn’t even want to be there.

We were all kind of looking at our own areas of interest, scattered across the area. It wasn’t a very big space. That is when I heard this pounding. It was like a ‘thunk, thunk, thunk.’ It almost sounded like blood pumping, kind of like when you can hear the blood pumping in your ears when you are listening really closely. It was similar to this kind of thing to because I realized it felt like this pounding was coming from inside my head. That is the only way I know how to describe it. I felt a lot a pressure in my head and it kept growing, along with the sound of the thumping. I looked around at my friends and they were all pretty pale. One of my friends screamed and that’s when I realized that they all heard the same thing as me. We all ran back to the car at the edge of the cemetery and left. I know it sounds really strange but I honestly couldn’t make something like that up, even if I tried. Like I said before, I’m not claiming it is anything supernatural. I have no idea what is was. If anyone has an idea, please leave a comment and let me know. Otherwise I think it can stay a mystery. I might not want to know.

People experience things like this all of the time. If you believe in ghosts, it would make a lot of sense that they would gravitate toward a cemetary. I’m not really sure what I believe but as always I’ll let you decide for yourself.



Your Ghost Stories

March, 2018



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