Men in Black


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What is the Men in Black?

According to Wikipedia, the Men in Black “are supposed men dressed in black suits who claim to be government agents who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet about what they have seen.” (Wikipedia)

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Some people believe that the Men in Black could even be aliens themselves. The name “Men in Black,” doesn’t always have to do specifically with UFOs, it has been used for mysterious men believed to be working for all kinds of unknown organizations. The name is fairly generic.

The experiences people have claimed to have had with these individuals is what sparked the idea of “Men in Black” for popular books, tv-shows, and movies. (Wikipedia)

People started to fear the Men in Black because of the worry that there was a possibility of hostile motives from UFO’s. People believed UFOs could be a part of some plot against Earth. There was a book released in 1954 called, Flying Saucers on the Attack. This was written by Harold T. Wilkins, who feared that a “Cosmic General Staff” could be plotting a real war of the worlds.

There were books that had fears even worse than that. In 1970, demonologist/ufologist John A. Keel, wrote a book called UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse. Keel warned that these extraterrestrials could be “from unimaginable other dimensions of reality.” His thoughts were that they do not like us at all and their intentions are to do us harm. (How Stuff Works)

“We are biochemical robots helplessly controlled by forces that can scramble our brains, destroy our memories and use us in any way they see fit. They have been doing it to us forever.”­ – John A. Keel, How Stuff Works


Photo from Wikipedia

There have been many claims to exactly what the Men in Black are and what their purpose is. Some ideas are obviously more thought out and negative than others. There are many stories people have told about seeing these particular beings. You may be surprised by who some of the people are. I don’t know if you have ever watched the movie Ghost Busters (1984). One of the characters, Dr. Raymond Stantz is played by Dan Aykroyd, a very famous actor, writer, musician, and film-maker. He claims to have seen the Men in Black.

Aykroyd says he went outside to take a break from filming his show. He was answering a phone call to none other than, Britney Spears. They knew eachother through a movie they had worked on together. Spears was calling him to see if she could do an appearance on his show, Out There. That is when he said he saw them. He saw a mysterious black car pull up fairly clsoe to him. He said a very tall, pale man wearing a black suit, stepped out of the vehicle. He claimed the man gave him a dirty look, before getting back into the vehicle and driving away. As strange as that sounds, some producers Aykroyd was working with told him that they were told to stop shooting a show they were making about UFO’s. In that particular episode they were going to interview a man, by the name of Dr. Steven Greer who worked on the Disclosure Project. He was going to share a lot of testimony of UFO witnesses and insider information. It never aired. (Mysterious Universe)

There have been many more ‘sightings’ of the Men in Black. They go back much earlier too. A ufologist by the name of Albert K. Bender believed he had seen them in the mid-1950’s. He said he was visited by men in dark suits who threatened him so that he would stop investigating UFO’s. He claims the Men in Black work for a secret government agency that work to cover up any evidence of UFO’s. (Wikipedia)

“In 1947, Harold Dahl claimed to have been warned not to talk about his alleged UFO sighting on Maury Island by a man in a dark suit.” – Wikipedia

There are obviously major skeptics. This is a lot of stuff that is not proven and may never be. A historian by the name of Aaron Gulyas wrote about this. He said that in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s UFO conspiracy theorists would add these stories of the Men in Black to their “complex and paranoid visions.” (Wikipedia)

The Men in Black are a story that has been around for a long time. I’m not sure how much truth there is to their conspiracy theory but I hope that one day it will become more clear. Who knows, maybe there is some kind of secret government branch. They could be UFO evidence suppressors or maybe they could be working towards something totally mundane. We might never know, I mean after all they are believed to be a secret. I do find the idea of them very interesting. What do you think?



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February, 2008

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Brent Swancer

January, 2018


March, 2018







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