Shadow People


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What are Shadow People?

According to  Wikipedia, a Shadow Person “is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure, particularly as interpreted by believers in the paranormal or supernatural as the presence of a spirit or other entity.” (Wikipedia)


Stories of Shadow People come from many religions and cultures. Among these stories, there is many variations. Some believe Shadow People are outright evil. Some believe they are neutral and some believe they can be helpful. (Wikipedia)

Ties with Drugs and Self-Destructive Behavior

People who believe in the Shadow People think of them as ghosts, manifestations of negative energy, or a demonic presence.

Strangely enough, some people’s experiences with Shadow People have been tied to meth use. Some may say this is because of the hallucinations from the drug. Meth causes the brain to produce large amounts of dopamine. This causes pleasant hallucinations. After the consistent use of meth, the dopamine production slows down. The temporal lobe of the brain, which holds our feelings of fear and aggression, remains sensitive to meth. When dopamine is released and the temporal lobe is stimulated, it might cause meth psychosis. (Truth Finder) Meth psychosis takes people out of reality and can cause hallucinations, like seeing a shadow figure. (Wikipedia) Others who strongly believe in the existence of these paranormal beings, think it is much darker than that. Some of those believers think that this is because the Shadow People are drawn to these kinds of people. I mean, people who choose to do drugs and partake in self-destructive behavior. They think they can open a door to negative energy, drawing bad things to them. (Truth Finder)

Ties with Sleep Paralysis

It is believed that if you suffer from sleep paralysis, it is common for you to see a Shadow Person. Sleep paralysis is a condition where a person becomes stuck between becoming awake and being asleep. During this time you cannot move or control your body. It’s a pretty terrifying state. Sleep paralysis can cause hallucinations. It affects about 8% of the American population. This physical and mental state only lasts about two minutes maximum but can still be very traumatizing. There isn’t really a lot of information on why Shadow People are tied to Sleep Paralysis but there are so many reported incidents of sleep paralysis victims claiming they have seen a Shadow Person during their episodes.

In one incident, a person suffering from sleep paralysis said that they see it when the episode starts. They are waking up in bed. When they open their eyes they see a moving shadow, like a blob. They experience all kinds of terrifying things. Their vision gets shaky, their body vibrates all over (kind of like a seizure), they cannot speak and they cannot move. If they try to move it is really painful. They say they just close their eyes and wait for it to end. When the Shadow is present, they said they often hear static noise but after the episode is over, it stops and the shadow is gone. All of the side effects will go ago but leave them feeling off. (Truth Finder)


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Ties with Other Dimensions

Some people believe that Shadow People could be from other dimensions. If other dimensions exist (which many people believe they do), there would probably be other beings there. Some theorists think that these other dimenions could be fairly close to our own so maybe the beings from other dimensions found ours or found a way to access it. Psychics believe that beings in other dimensions have different “vibrations” than us. So basically we would have different sized particles than that of beings in other dimensions. Some theorize that our vibrations are beginning to mesh together with others, from other dimensions. (Thought Company)

Ties with Astral Projection

Astral projection is the process of one’s consciousness leaving their body. They may or may not be aware of it. Many people believe this happens during sleep. Some believers of the Shadow People believe that they are someone’s astral body. So when they see a Shadow person, it is actually another person just in a different form (their astral self).(Exemplore)


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More Experiences

Some people claim they haven’t had a single bad experience with Shadow People. One particular individual said they have had experiences with them their whole life and not one of them has been necessarily bad. They said the first time they ever saw one, they were 10 years old. They said they woke up in the middle of the night and saw a Shadow Person standing in the hallway.

“I could tell I was being watched and looked at, but there were no facial features, just a black mass in the shape of a person.” (Truth Finder)

When they saw it walk further down the hall, they got up to follow it. When they reached the hallway, it was gone.

Someone else said their experience with a Shadow Person felt a little more sinister. They said that they were walking in a cemetery with a friend at night. They left after awhile because they were too creeped out. When they turned around and looked back, they saw a figure appear to be looking at them from behind a tree. They said that it just didn’t feel right. It felt sinister. When they tried to walk farther right and farther left to see if they could get a better view from behind the tree, it seemed like the dark figure moved opposite of them to stay hidden. They tried to brush it off as just a part of the tree but when it appeared to be moving they couldn’t stay any longer. They ran away because they had heard of scary stories about Shadow People before. They didn’t want to stick around and live one. (Truth Finder)

The first time I had ever heard of Shadow People was when I read the book The Little Stranger, by Sarah Waters. I would definitely recommend it because it is a great read. I think the stories of the Shadow People are kind of creepy but are definitely also interesting. There are just so many theories and possibilites. I don’t know if you feel the same way about these stories but I definitely might sleep with a night light on tonight. I guess that could create more shadows though… maybe I should do a little more research. Either way, don’t be afraid! It’s probably just a story, but as always I will leave that for you to decide.

Here’s a video by Shane Dawson if you want to learn a little more about Shadow People:

Urban Legends: Shadow People!




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