Ghost Stories: Part 4



Photo from Reader’s Digest

I’ve said in mulitiple posts that ghosts are a very popular topic. There is an endless supply of ghost stories because people claim to have experiences with them everyday. Some people are bothered by the same ghost for years. Some people believe ghosts can get attached to things, whether it’s an old family heirloom, a house, or even a person. This particular guy was haunted by the same ghost while he lived in the same house.

He said that he first had an experience with the ghost when he was ten years old. He said he woke up in the middle of the night because his bedroom door had been opened. Then he felt something graze his left leg and sit on his bed. His first thought that it was his mom so he opened his eyes and expected to see her sitting there. Instead of seeing his mom there, he saw a little boy. This was no normal little boy. He said this little boy had no eyes, just black empty sockets. The little boy reached out his hand and in it was a little box. As a ten year old, he was pretty frightened but he still extended his hand out to the ghost boy and tried to grab the box. The ghost just pulled away. His ten year old self grew impatient and just blurted out, “give it.” Then he said he blinked and the little ghost boy disappeared.

He didn’t have another experience like this with that ghost until five years later. He had gotten a girlfriend and she was over to do some homework. He said she had fallen alseep. When her parents had gotten to his house to pick her up, he tried to wake her up. His girlfriend opened her eyes but didn’t say anything. She just stared at a corner on the ceiling and then pointed at it. As strange as this sounds, after she did this she tried to go back to sleep. He shook her and tried to wake her up again because her parents were still waiting for her. This time he said she came to full consciousness. He explained to her what had just happened. She said that she remembered seeing a little boy in that corner. The little boy had no eyes. She said that he was almost in like a “Spider-Man pose” staring at her. That’s when he told her what had happened to him when he was ten years old.

There wasn’t another experience like this until five more years later. He said that he was still with the same girlfriend, the only thing that changed was that they had a daughter together. He said they ended up living in his parent’s house. His daughter started waking up and talking at the same time every night. It was like she was having a conversation with someone. He said when he asked her who she was talking to, she told him it was a little boy. His daughter told him that it was a nice little boy but he was lost and looking for his mom. He said that his daughter had these conversations with the little boy until they moved out of his parent’s house. (Reader’s Digest)

A lot of people have experiences in their home. It isn’t always something people are concerned about. I have heard stories of people being very frightened by their experiences. Some go as far to even say they’ve been threatened and physically assaulted. Some people have an experience every once in a while, that doesn’t seem to affect them that much. I think what this guy experienced is really creepy but it might not be something for him to get extremely concerned about. Some people go by the saying, “if you don’t bother it, it won’t bother you.” If ghosts do exist, I think in some cases it is possible for both parties to co-exist.


Reader’s Digest 




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